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Is Treatment the Same for Prescription and Illicit Drug Addiction?

Treatment methods for different types of addiction are mostly based on the action and affects of a particular drug’s class. Therefore, certain prescription and illicit addictions are sometimes treated in the same way.

How Does Addiction Treatment Work?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, rehab programs are meant to help individuals “stop using drugs, stay drug-free, and be productive in the family, at work, and in society.”


Usually, a combination of medications and behavioral therapies is utilized for this purpose.

• Medications: In prescription drug addiction treatment, medications are used to reestablish normal brain functions, minimize withdrawal symptoms, and reduce cravings for the drug. Illicit drug addiction rehab uses them similarly.

• Behavioral therapies: Behavioral therapies help change a person’s attitudes toward their substance abuse as well as teach them life skills that will allow them to better cope with stress, cravings, and other issues that could lead to relapse.

• Holistic methods: These treatment options go beyond the evidence-based practices of behavioral therapy and medications and can help patients express thoughts and feelings they may have ordinarily kept inside.

Prescription Abuse Treatment vs. Illicit Abuse Treatment

In general, different substances have rehab programs that cater to the specific classification they fall under. This is because drugs in the same classification often have similar effects. Therefore, an illicit drug and a prescription medication may both be in the same class, and their addictions might be treated in similar ways. For example:

• The options for prescription opioid addiction rehab “are drawn from research on the treatment of heroin addiction and include medications (e.g., naltrexone, methadone, and buprenorphine) as well as behavioral counseling approaches” (NIDA). Heroin addiction, even though it is an illicit substance, is treated much in the same way that addictions to opioid medications are.

• Methamphetamine, a dangerous stimulant that is often abused in its illicit, crystal form can also be prescribed as a medication (National Library of Medicine). It is not often used in this way because of the high-level danger of abuse, but prescription stimulant addiction is treated similarly to the way illicit stimulant addiction is: with behavioral therapies, antidepressants for any depressive symptoms, and a long detox period.

• One of the reasons prescription medication addictions are treated similarly to those caused by illicit substances in their same class is because prescription drug abuse can often lead to illicit abuse over time. This is an especially serious problem among opioid abusers, a behavior that can lead eventually to heroin use (NIDA).

It is important to remember that a drug is not specifically treated similarly to other substances in its schedule, or to those that have the same legal status, but rather drugs that have similar actions and effects when abused. This is the most effective version of treatment, as it allows for patients to receive the best care for any and all dangerous substances they may be abusing that cause the same issues.

Addiction Rehab Can Help You

If you are in need of prescription drug addiction treatment, it is important to seek help as soon as possible, as to avoid any further issues associated with your substance abuse. Rehab can help you put an end to this use and create a happier and safer life in recovery.

What Most Parents Consider About Prescription Drugs Addiction

There are a lot of alternatives apart from prescription painkillers to address moderate pain.There's help available for people hooked on prescription drugs. Even children can purchase these drugs online due to websites which do not require prescriptions.

Most parents consider prescription drugs as medicine. With longer-term circumstances, there are drug-free alternatives. Actually, these really are the exact medicines which are recommended by medical professionals to heal different varieties of illnesses.


There are numerous common signs that people hooked on prescription drugs often exhibit. Sadly, the symptoms aren't unlike withdrawing from heroin. These may include lying, hiding medications, and stealing.

Medical doctors are invaluable in regards to specific situations. They can be prescribed by doctors to take care of particular illnesses but when used improperly, they'll induce addiction. Since, painkillers act as medicine it isn't possible for them to be banned like the other lethal drugs. Our fee-for-service medical insurance structure, however, fosters a form of assembly line medical care that discourages the kind of analysis that will enable a physician to detect anomalies which may indicate drug dependence or abuse.

When drug addiction affects someone's life, the definition of that particular drug addiction becomes a little less important in relation to the reasons why folks use. Often It takes a physician's advice to handle withdrawal symptoms in a wholesome way. Thus the role play of the rehab center is extremely essential for the right treatment of the addiction patients.And withdrawing from narcotics is step one in rehabilitation.The Drug Addiction Treatment may be the exact same but the clients have really different personalities.

Drug addiction is multi-layered and has a number of causes and contributing factors. While drug addiction is a complicated disease, assigning a definition for this disease is actually rather straightforward. Death from opioid overdose is regularly as a result of respiratory failure. There are nearly always alternatives to a medicine, and it is especially true in regards to painkillers. This may be the most difficult region of the treatment.

In regards to prescription painkillers, we really appear to be between a rock as well as a tough place. With treatment, addiction might be overcome. Look out for lots of the very same symptoms of addiction that you'd for alcohol addiction. At the minimum, detox is time intensive and uncomfortable.These symptoms are moderately common for nearly all kids.

Prescription and Over The Counter Drugs

For individuals who depend on prescribed drugs to cure or take care of an disease, there may be the chance of abuse. This abuse comes in the type of addiction the place sufferers mismanage their medication. Prescription drug habit is a serious and common fear that negatively affects other people. It's not unusual for those who take pharmaceuticals for ache (migraines) or anti-depressants to abuse the really useful intake as set by physicians. Prescription drug habit can result in dependency in addition to circumstances the place addicts lodge to stealing and mendacity to receive the medication. Prescription drug addiction also leads abusers right into a vicious cycle the place they require a fair larger collection of pills to handle a good impact of the medicine.


The three most commonplace sorts of pharmaceuticals which might be commonplace for abuse are: opiates, which are used to manage very critical or long term ache; stimulants reminiscent of the ones required to regulate finding out demanding situations in younger other folks; and sedatives comparable to the ones drugs mostly applied to treat nervousness issues in folks. A few common signs of people who come across prescription drug habit are many. To begin with, those who incessantly request prescription refills from their doctors is one leading take-heed call of prescription drug dependancy. 2nd, people who ceaselessly thieve medicine from family members, buddies, and associates are most probably signs of prescription drug dependancy. Third, eating prescription drug drugs faster than standard is a symptom as neatly.

Clinical and physical signs of prescription drug abuse can come with irritability as well as basic temper changes; a loss or acquire in body weight; melancholy; and speedy spikes in blood pressure. Ultimately, prescription drug addiction is a major scientific condition that needs to be treated in an instant. Left unchecked, prescription drug addiction may end up in dying. Sadly, prescription drug dependancy is a rising problem all over the world and would require vigilant action to halt additional harm.

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